Start with tasseomancy (tea leaf reading)

Hello, Rowan here, and I thought I’d start the Tearoom by pouring you some tea. Haha, nah I’m gonna run through basically how I do a tea leaf reading (tasseomancy – I love that word πŸ™‚ ).

You will need:

A teapot

Some Free leaf tea (you can pick this up in the supermarket or in a specialist shop, neither is more magical than the other! … only one is more delicious, and I’ll let you work it out XD )

A tea cup and saucer (the tea cup needs a round base so no a mug just won’t do but the saucer can be switched for any small plate)

Right, boil the kettle. Wash the teapot with hot water (or at least swirl some hot water in it so it doesn’t get damaged when the boiling water goes in). Add a teaspoon and a bit of free leaf tea (add another teaspoon per extra tea cup you’re intending to pour if there are more people). Add the boiled water. Leave the tea brewing for a few minutes (two-five, depending on your taste). Pour yourself a cup. It’s fine to add milk or sugar to your tea, it won’t stop it from being useful.

I read, in the book that started me off on tasseomancy, that only the first cup will ever get a reading but only the second cup works for me usually, so when I do a reading for someone I always get myself a cup too. πŸ™‚

Anyway, drink your cup while focussing on what you want to know. Once you’ve only got about a sip or about a table spoon full of tea at the bottom (and presumably a decent amount of tea leaves in your cup and not in your mouth) then you’re ready.

Swirl the cup three times.

I like to say β€œone two three, what will the answer be?” or the same in welsh: β€œun dou tri, dwed yr ateb i mi” (or something suitable to the question asked).

Turn the tea cup up side down on the saucer and wait about twenty-thirty seconds (look, honestly, I didn’t put a stopwatch in the ‘you will need’ list…).

Now, turn your cup over and take a look inside. πŸ™‚ You’ve just started off on your journey into the mystical land of tasseomancy!!! (now I’m abandoning you out there in the proverbial wilderness to learn what’s proverbially edible all on your proverbial lonesome XD)

Right, as you can see I tried to keep it to a bare minimum so that you could make it your own. Anything ritualistic you’re free to add or take away. πŸ™‚ I’m not going to tell you it’ll be instantly easy or incredibly difficult but when I started out it went wrong so many times. I had chewy tea, then no leaves at all, then just no shapes, and mess everywhere from over zealous swirling… It can be tricky to get the balances right and you should always give it a few trial runs. Things that could effect how easy it is to read include your tea pot shape and size, the amount of time and tea you put in, whether you like your tea (you’re not focussing on your question when all you can think about is the bitter bitter taste)… so you see, it’s not a science.

(See! Even if I led you through the wilderness we’d just get lost… or eaten… or poisoned… or :s I’m scared already! XP )

In love and light. BB




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