Cursing – our opinions

Rowan’s views on cursing people

I may as well explain, before it is put into question, my views on the ‘what you do will return to you’ law. I believe that all spells should harm none, yes, to the extent to which you can live like that. I do not believe that cursing someone will backfire on you (unless you mess up or they protect themselves from the curse) because of personal experience. According to the Rede all you do will return to you, but I’ve seen people who’ve caused great amount of pain to others live happy happy lives and I’ve seen the best people I know suffer greatly in their lives. The universe is as fair as you make it. This is a personal philosophy, that not everyone in my coven shares and I respect what they believe. Just thought I’d clear that up, in case I say something and the questions start. I’ve never cursed anyone deliberately (you can give someone the Evil Eye accidentally, but I don’t think I ever have). Anyway, I think, if the only reason you do not curse someone is that it might harm you, this makes you very selfish. The primary thing that you should consider is that it will hurt the person you curse. Yes you may be angry at this person, but before you curse them you might want to consider resolving the reason why you feel like this towards them. If they are an individual you dislike, the problem might be with you. If they are an organisation who is doing you wrong, you might be able to resolve it through local government.


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