Tarot – A form of Divination

Silversuns Tarot

I use The Labyrinth deck designed by Luis Royo, they are a dark deck and should only be used by wiccans who have used tarot before. I guess I should explain how to find your perfect deck first. You can’t simply cruise the internet until you find a deck you like the look of because you have no way of ‘feeling’ the cards, you’re better off going around and finding a shop that sells them. When you do find a shop that has a good selection without even looking at them place your hand on top of each one, pick them up does one seem to fit perfectly in your hand? Give off a strange heat or cold? These are all signs that the deck is calling to you. When you take your deck home be sure to cleanse them first before you use them I find that giving them a sharp tap on a wooden table of tree is best. Keep your deck in a black silk cloth to be sure that they stay cleansed. My Tarot bag

When you do your first spread it’s best to do a 3 card spread this symbolises the past, present and future. When you turn over the first card this tells you what happened in the past. If you’re an advanced reader then you’ll know that there can be multiple diffrent meanings but can usually be summarised, as a beginner stick to summarising it. The second card is what’s happening in the present and third is what’s to come in the future!


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