“Hedge Witch is a term for a Witch who practices in a solitary fashion and does not belong to a coven or tradition; typically such an individual does not claim to have been initiated. He or she relies upon self-study, personal discernment, and intuition. In many ways a hedge Witch is like the old village Witch who lived a solitary life but was called upon for spells and healing potions by the local folks.

The Hedge Witch commonly works with his or her familiar spirit, and incorporates the use of herbs, trance, and shamanic techniques such as drumming to induce altered states of consciousness. The hedge Witch is usually very involved with working for the ecology of the planet, and tries to use only natural objects and materials for ritual magickal purposes.”

R. Grimiassi, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WICCA AND WITCHCRAFT, 2nd Ed, 2003, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Kitchen Wiccans and hedge Witches … rely heavily on pragmatic, uncomplicated magick, much of which originates in folklore and superstition. Hedge Witches traditionally do not belong to a coven. Solitary practitioners, they depend on self-study, insight, creativity and intuition as their main guideposts. Hedge Witches may be self-dedicated, but they are rarely publicly initiated. Similar to village shamans and cunning folk in past generations, they provide spells and potions for daily needs.”

M. Singer, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT… WITCHCRAFT, UK Edition, 2005, David & Charles, Devon

I’m a hedge witch and as suggested in the above extracts I’ve typically been a solitary witch – working on my lonesome. As a hedge witch a lot of the things I do require being close to nature.

One thing that I do is I go on walks… yes everyone goes for a walk, but this is similar to a Medicine Walk. On these walks I will visit a place that is spiritual and close to nature and spend time with nature. I might meditate in a special place or I might dance. Doing these walks has sometimes awoken something in me or brought my mind somewhere else. I remember a couple of times coming back and my parents thinking I’d been taking weed or something because I was so far off this planet and so unbelievably ecstatic wherever my mind was that it could only be because of drugs (XD).

I have been a solitary witch most of the time but I’ve fleeted from coven to coven, seeing what I can learn and seeing how I can help others. I’m not a very accomplished Hedge Witch, I won’t say I’ve done great amount of healing work or anything like that.

Anyway, in practical terms a hedge witch is a witch who is close to nature and learns his/her most valuable insights not from other wiccans/witches but from her/himself and from nature, folklore and experience.

(Sorry most of this is from books but I wanted to explain what a Hedgewitch is without delving too much into ‘what it means to me’. This way I know you’ve got the actual definition and not a load of anecdotes about pink lightning, faery visits and eating magic apples which then led to me getting lost in a pine forest only a mile from my house, nearly breaking my leg on a stonewall I climbed over to escape and accidentally putting a spell on an innocent stranger who my paranoid mind thought was taking pictures of me!… besides, he was evesdropping on me talking to myself XD )




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