The Weather Witch

Right now the weather is beautiful. By that I mean it is profound and gorgeous and furious and Divine. Blistering winds, searing cold and rain that could slash the skin off your bones. It is beautiful. This is the kind of weather that drives me mad โ€“ not angry mad but mad mad. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have flooding problems and in storms as beautiful as this (up on the unsheltered mountains) we have to go out and dig drains to make sure our home isn’t washed away by the merciless torrents that stampede down our drive way.

I just thought I’d blog this moment, the moment where wind and water are so combined and energetic and powerful just so that I could remind you that the elements are part of your life every day!

Dad and I venture out to make a gap in the small embankment that lines our larger field, in order to save our cottage from the ravages of a river that has formed down our little road. Yes, I think I’m quite mad right now because I can’t draw my mind from the beauty and the sheer power of something so destructive.

We get our gass capes out (originally designed for the military while gass bombs were dropped) and Dad exclaims โ€œuh! They’re the british ones!โ€ (I couldn’t find our german ones so we had do cope with substandard gass capes XD)

We rush out, he grabs a spade and a pick axe and I grab a shovel. We head up and I hear a loud cackle. At this point I know I’m mad because I’ve lost the ability to tell whether it’s my voice I hear, Dads voice or something completely different but it must be mine because I’m weak with laughter!… Although my mouth isn’t open? Hahaha!

We fight the wind as we walk up towards the drive (I actually though Dad was going to dig out the little bit that lets the water pass into the back lane, which is a 200yo path that used to lead up to our house). Instead of letting the water fly right past the cottage we’re determined to stopping it reaching that far.

We reach a pool which lies at the bottom of our drive. It’s where a sort of dip perpetually appears every year despite our repeated efforts to fill it! Dad starts to dig a little to the side. You see there’s a field next to the drive and a deep pool of tanned brown water lies there now, near the fence. There’s a large trench there usually and now just a matt dusty bark colour. Dad digs a path for the water and almost instantaneously the water disappears into the field. He keeps digging while I head around the other side of the pool and try to dig an escape route for the water there.

This only leads to another debilitating fit of giggles as I’m almost blown by the winds into the pool itself! (I can’t tell through its opacity but only by memory as usually this little pit of water is an empty whole with dry earth and rock exposed, but it’s three or four feet deep!) With my shovel I could barely do a thing, but I felt the water flooding and swirling around my feet (inside my rather damaged boots) and crashing against my legs, soaking my jeens.

When Dad is done we take the shovel, pickaxe and spade and lean them against a nearby wall because we know in about half an hour from now they’ll be in action again. Tigger, one of our cats, is sitting so close to the fire as I write this she may as well be in there!

All I can say is the weather is beautiful here.


In love and light

Blessed be all of you!




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  1. paganpair
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 13:16:39

    This is very much a Pink lightning day for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I might put down the Pink lightning story later. XD


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