Spirit and Destiny- Review

The spirit and destiny Magazine is pretty cool and has many articles on diffrent aspects on pagan life although it is much better for it’s competitions where you can win Tarot decks and other cool things. It also has a pretty good zodiac for the month and is usually what i read first. It also lists any pagan festivals that should be celebrated or talks by famous pagan, mediums and readers. The last issue i got had a huge section on using different symbols in spells, their meanings and what they do to benefit you. Its quite a colourful magazine but more so aimed at young adults or teenagers, however once you’ve bought one you kinda get addicted to them and end up buying one every month!





My heart has officially been melted! I found a poor baby bird on my front lawn, fortunatly im a sap so I couldnt bear to leave it, I put it in a box with a blanket and water, I tried feeding it but it wasn’t interested, when I looked up how to feed them I didnt realise what I had gotten myself into! It was a House Sparrow, but the average Robin takes 400 trips in a day to find food!!! I decided to try and find the nest which luckily I found and put it in, hopefully now he will live on and prosper :p

Blessed be Sparrow




OK here’s the long awaited finished athame!!!!!!!


Close up of the monster tangle

  So you can see the beads completly came off.


 As  you can see I re-strung all the beads; I used a sock for the black hilt!

An athame is used to symbolise the male and is used to open a circle by “slashing” the air.

Please comment and let me know what you think. I did some research on the shape and it appeares to maybe be Mayan or African!



Black wings (and cats)


When you look at a crow or raven what do you think? Do you see them as an omen or a messenger of death? These beliefs came from many, many years ago when the bodies of the deceased were left in the open to be devoured by the birds. It was believed that by eating the body a part of that person’s soul was taken in by the crow and that they would then fly and transports that person’s spirit to the spirit realm. This culture then brought in the belief that a black bird was an omen for death and that they caused death which is often depicted as black winged angels. I find these beliefs very superstitious. Crows are very spiritual creatures and are one of the only animals able to go in and out of the spirit world as they please; they are also very helpful creatures in the native American belief as they believed that the crows guarded the deceased.

“ Man follows crow,
Crow follows Wolf,
Wolf kills Caribou.”

Another animal that can easily enter the spirit world is none other than your average cat, in the film “Constantine” Cats are described as “half-in half-out”. This is quite true and cats are very spiritual and can often be seen staring at something which we cannot see, perhaps a wondering spirit?



Sacred Space

I was wondering through the interwebs today when I found this and I thought it was time I did a post on sacred space.

I might post some pictures soon of my sacred spaces, in a separate post because some of these places need explaining. 🙂

Sacred Space

It’s pretty much what it sais on the tin. Sacred Space is space given divine or higher energies or qualities with great significance to a path or practitioner. (divinity to me doesn’t have to have a conscious or sentient quality but I’m aware that most people connect ‘divine’ to the Gods but since I have mostly a nature centred faith I’d rather think of it as some kind of living energy and that’s why I added ‘higher’)

So if you read the article you’ll know it’s one from last year about a piece of sacred space that was pretty much destroyed and the speculation that it was religion based. Yup, this kind of persecution is still around today. That is the reason I was worried about Silversun’s brilliant idea (because it is a brilliant idea) of starting a group in college for pagans and wiccans. You see, last year many of the LGBT posters my sister put up disappeared… especially those near the bulletin board that was dedicated entirely to the Christian Union. :/ I’m ashamed to say conclusions weren’t very hard to come to. :/

Anyway, that’s not what this post is going to be about! Chin up, guys! Sacred space is always sacred and easy to find even if it is hard to deal with when it is lost. I remember when my brother first destroyed my herb garden (he’s very much against witchcraft and I seriously don’t know why, it’s not like I get in his way)… I still haven’t let go. Then there was that time he and mum chopped half the branches off my… well, technically not my… Ash tree, where I loved to sit and feel the wind rock the branches as if it could blow me right off this planet. When it’s lost it’s the feeling that something utterly irreplaceable is completely gone.

But, nuff of that!

Making Sacred Spaces

Sacred Space can be space that is consecrated. In Wicca you “tread the circle thrice about” and within that circle is temporary or permanent Sacred Space. In some traditions you have to cleanse and consecrate space before any ritual can take place there.

Silversun uses elemental magic quite strongly and it was with her that I consecrated some sacred space. This place was always intended to be for parties, feasts and celebrations anyway (all I did was expand the uses to rituals including a handfasting that I hope to have this or next summer). It was a Northfacing horseshoe of hedges and standing stones with a bonfire in the middle. In this consecration ritual we asked the elements in turn to use their powers to cleanse, bless and protect this place. (Here’s a video from a youtuber I subscribed to about her circle in her garden)

However, you do not need a million acres of land, a garden, a local park or even a window box (!) to make sacred space. You don’t even need to use the living room (I know some of you are in uni and things like that and in the uk our benefit system has changed so expect a lot more people in room shares rather than flats… grr… sorry to bring politics into this). Sacred space can be in your room as easily as it can be in a temple or out in the open. The kitchen witch can consecrate her kitchen and the hedgewitch her herb garden (before her brother drives a disco’ through it).

Some don’t believe you need to consecrate a place to make it sacred – it is your behaviour and your state of mind entering this place that makes it sacred. It is often recommended to treat the place as if and be in the mindset of inviting an extra special guest to the place (be it the elements, deities, nature spirits, general divine energy…). Sweep the area and sprinkle with specially consecrated water or circle with salt. Burn white sage incense or smudge sticks to cleanse the area.

Innately sacred Spaces

Sometimes you walk into a place and just know it’s special. Sometimes I call these faery-places, because in some of these places I feel a light heartedness and sometimes just a presence that requires great respect.

Lay lines are believed to be tracks of energy that interweave all over the world. Some believe that standing stones were sometimes put on these lay lines and sometimes roads were built to follow them. There is a standing stone arrangement that I’ve visited in Brittany that extends for miles. At intersections of these lay lines it is said there are great places to connect us to other worlds and greater powers. On these spots, people believe temples were often built and then later Churches. Although I actually sometimes have an irrational fear of entering churches, there are some that I feel I could easily treat as my own sacred spaces. For instance there’s a slightly famous church in Kernascleden that’s in the middle of a sort of roundabout (and it’s right next to the Bat museum so it’s an amazing place to go!).

Personally, I believe Sacred Space can be all sorts of places and when I post up about my sacred spaces you will see what I mean. ^.^ I also wanted to say, no matter what happens to the places you use as sacred space (if they are destroyed by … idiots …) you can practice your craft in places they can not touch. That doesn’t make it ok, though. This doesn’t make the public sacred places, like specially crafted stone circles and altars, any less important. Many of us practice in groups and many of our rituals are better with more people. The practitioner of every faith can practice it at home but we still have mosques, churches, chapels and temples for them. So, these special places that our covens use are still sacred and should still be respected no matter what (and faught for!).

I’d love to receive comments from you guys about sacred space, especially if you’ve got positive stories to tell to lighten the topic up. ^.^




Tasseomancy Tip

As I’ve shared with you, even though I do it so often I find tea leaf reading very difficult. I wouldn’t say it was entirely due to a lack of imagination but something in my head stops me from being able to turn the shapes into pictures, which is something I used to be able to do very easily. Well, I tried something new over the past week and yesterday my reading struck me so fast it could have knocked me off the sofa!!! It was also a very very beautiful picture but I can’t work out what it meant yet.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been doing that’s made such a huge improvement on my ability… are you ready?…


XD something extremely simple can really help. Maybe it’s because I tend to be very affected in positive ways by weather and maybe it’s because I have a connection to the air element that it worked just so quickly! (Maybe it was a fluke reading!) It makes sense that this would help but over a period of weeks, not about four or five days like it did for me! It opens you up to your imagination.

Anyway, here’s how I went about it.

  1. Choose a day with lots of clouds (not clouded over, because all you see then is a great big grey-white sky!)
  2. Pick a few clouds, maybe at random or some that you think look interesting.
  3. Note the kinds of things that immediately come to you.
  4. With clouds you can’t make into a picture, just relax and think of various objects that you use every day that they might look like.
  5. Think of place and countries, maybe some plants from those places.
  6. Think of animals (I usually have something by now because I like to see animals in things)
  7. Think of people with jobs, like a postman or a dancer.
  8. Think of magical creatures.

I’m not saying this will work quickly for everyone but I simply had to share because I know a lot of people who try tea leaf reading who have my problem give up within a week. It’s such a shame. Keep at it! ^.^

Hope that’s helpful to someone, though I do know tasseomancers are rare and those newly learning the trade are rarer! So rare I’ve only ever met one, and that was on the internet!




You’ll notice that a lot spells and rituals ask for you to enter your meditative state, but do you know what that is?
Meditation is done in countless religions and countries but it’s exact creation date is uncertain. For today though I will just concentrate on Buddhist meditation as this is probably the most used. There are 9 stages of this meditation and believe me these stages cannot be done in a matter of weeks, not even months but years and years and years!

The first stage is called placement, at this stage it is difficult or even impossible to clear your mind or concentrate on the image that you are trying to picture depending on which method is being used (image projection is usually done in guided meditation while clearing is done for higher states)

The second stage is called continual pacement where you can now hold the image or clear your mind for a few minutes, however you can still get distracted. This is where most people start to give up as they cannot keep mentally still for longer and get frustrated.

(It’s between the second and third stage that i’m at!)

The third stage is called replacement, at this stage you can now immediatly still your mind and hold for longer.

The fourth stage is placement where you can now still your mind and begin entering a higher state, however this is when people get excited and lose that inner peace (we’re only human)

The fifth stage is called discipline, this is where you learn not to lose your state through emotions like excitement but are still aware of how you feel.

The sixth stage is called pacification, you can now hold this calm inner peace of a completly cleared mind with no distractions, you are at a high meditative state

The seventh stage means you can hold a meditative state with no distractions and you are becoming aware of everything that surrounds you, every rock and tree and every creature.

The eigth stage is called single-pointed, like the seventh but more defined.

The ninth stage is now where you can hold the state for as long as you like, you may feel more connected with everything that surrounds you and be more able to contact spirits and other beings.


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