Spirit Guides

Feel like someone’s watching you? Your spirit guide is with you for everything to support and make sure you are following the right path in your life but what does your spirit guide look like? Can you talk to them? I’ll start with the latter, I believe that you can’t actually “speak” to your spirit guide, as they are all in animal forms therefore obvisouly they can’t “talk”. Many people believe that a spirit guide can be in human form often an ancestor but I feel that this contradicts the belief in a spirit passing on to the next realm. If an ancestor stayed behind to guide you this would mean that there is no heaven or hell and would cause a disturbance in our realm (I’m sure you’ve all heard of ghosts and hauntings). So the next question what is my spirit guide?

For example my spirit guide is a wolf, I know this because of strong feelings felt when I see a wolf and that my personality is that of a wolf. I can be seen as a lone wolf to someone who is new to meeting me but when they become part of my “pack” i treat them with love as a family and will grieve with them and rejoice with them.

To see your spirit guide you really should be able to meditate well. Go into a deep meditave state and if your spirit guide wishes it then he will present himself to you i’ll warn though that this takes time and patience your mind has to be completly cleared for a medative state. i myself have not yet mastered it, i can only hold it for a second or two but it is well worth doing! 🙂

Silversun )o(


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