Tarot reading of the day

Today when I brought my cards out to do some readings I had a friend ask me to do hers; she’d never had one done before and was a little skeptical but I was glad she wanted one anyway. I did a simple 3 card spread so that nothing was too confusing. The reading said that a dark man would start an argument and effect her life. She found it “scary” as she met a dark man the other night when she went to the cinema. Of course her skeptical side kicked in and she asked me to do it again to prove that the cards were fake and there’s no such thing blah blah blah….so feeling particularly confident with my tarot at the moment I did it again and lo and behold! From a very slightly view the tarot showed that she who has a fiery disposition (which describes her perfectly) would have an argument with a man! I have to admit I was rather smug when I saw her look of shock 🙂 so the lesson for today is?…. Never doubt the cards 🙂

Silversun )o(


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