Coven name

I was trying to decide wether to actually write anything about this as nothing is official but we may have come up with a name for our Coven. I was reading through one of my many books and stumbled upon a name of some sort of tribe called the Neuri. What drew me to this name the most is that it was believed that once a year for several nights the neuri would transform into wolves. I discused it with Rowan and we have decided that it would be a suitable name for our coven as there are 5 of us and there are 5 rivers that flowed through the country which the Neuri lived in. We are also going to honour the time in which they spent their time as wolves.

This then brings me on to my next topic (although not strictly anything to do with paganism) is what brought about the myth of Lycanthropy. I’ve scrawled through pages on the internet and read through masses of paper to come to my decision and that is that people were posessed by very strong angry spirits, possibly their own spirit guides if they were displeased!? Nothing on this subject I believe is solid and I often find something that makes more sense than my current theory 🙂 If you have any views on this random subject then please leave a comment also leave a comment on what you think of our New Coven Name

Silversun )o(


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