Craft Names

The craft name is a name used during ritual, within the coven, to sign off in a book of shadows or as a computer alias. I have two names, one I use publicly and one to be used privately. My online alias as a witch is Rowan, which is a sacred tree to druids and said to be what witches are made of. Your public name may be easier to come up with than your private one. For me it was easy because I’d already been using it for a long time as an online alias. It used to be strongly advised to kids not to give out personal information on the internet so I’d always go around using a fake name (even if people asked me what my real name was I’d say it was Rowan).

Your actual craft name, private or not, can be found in many ways depending on your personal beliefs.

Some view it as a right of passage. Your craft name may be your true name, reflecting your true identity as a spiritual human being. Thus it is something that comes to you when you reach a level of spiritual or emotional maturity.

You may belong to a coven that will give you a name according to the role you play or may use a divination or scrying tool to find it. As stated by Silversun earlier, we might be adopting the names of rivers that ran through the territories of the Neuri tribe. The coven may also have ranks that can add to your craft name.

Some strongly believe that your craft name can only be given to you by the Goddess herself, and that you have to be close to the Goddess to have one. Others say you could ask your guardian angels or spirit guides through meditation for your craft name.

Some say you could just choose a name that rings true to you. I’ve heard it suggested to use numerology to decide your craft name – it should have the same numerological value as your normal every day name. None of my names (craft name, online alias or real name) share values.




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