Craft name 2

As mentioned by Rowan earlier each pagan has a craft name, my public name is Silversun; I haven’t decided on what my private name is yet. Silversun is a balanced name as Silver is feminine thing and sun is a male thing however a Silversun overall represents the moon thus being feminine. Making a public name is easier as it doesn’t have to be as personal to you, it could be a type of tree like Rowan’s, a crystal or you could create one like mine for example say your a male, the start of your name should be something male lets say Gold (sorry I couldn’t be more creative), if you want it to be balanced the next part of the name should be Feminine, for example moon, Goldmoon is then your name representing a sun which is male but remaining balanced.

Here are some words to help get you started!

Wind = a feminine communicative force, one of the four elements

Earth = a grounding feminine force, another element

Water = a intuitive, emotive masculine force

Fire = a creative, passionate masculine force

Venus = love, passion, emotion, feminine

Mars = War, Aggression, Male

Saturn = Money, Male

Daisy = innocence, gentleness, purity, feminine

Dandelion = Wishes coming true, masculine

Yarrow = Health and healing, feminine

Oak = Strength and longevity, Masculine

Tree = Life (depends on which tree)

Bear = Strength

Iris = Luck

Owl = Messages and wisdom

Wolf = Family and mystery

Cat = spiritual guardians, psychic abilities

Amethyst = love and affection, feminine

Citrine = happiness, sunshine, masculine

Jade = Luck, fortune, health, feminine

Silversun )o(

Rowan x~x

We’d love here about your craft names! 🙂


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