Magical Day!

Oh happy days! Rowan and I decided to put away our work and go into town for a shopping! We decided we should look for some of the important things that we are currently missing for our coven. We firstly decide to go through all the charity shops. We went ito the first one and came accross a gorgous thick blanket with a large sun on both sides and tassels going up each side of the blanket. It was slightly faded but you could feel that it had been used outside in the sun. Think of all that sun energy! Rowan promptly bought it and we have decided it shall be our meditation blanket because it is full of positive energies. From then we knew our shopping trip would be a successful one. Later on when it was time to go catch the bus we decided to make one last stop at an antique shop. I went right to the back as if i was being drawn to something, took a right and came to a room full of cups and plates and all sorts of other nick nacks, we had thought about getting our missing goblet from here but there was nothing that we could find but just as we were about to leave in the corner of my eye i found our athame! Its made of a light wood with images burned into the blade, the handle originaly had beads covering it but they were all hanging off so im in the middle of fixing it and ill post a picture of it soon! As you can imagine we were as chuffed as a baked potato!

Silversun )o(


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. The Pagan Pair
    May 13, 2012 @ 16:34:08

    It was a marvellous day indeed! ^.^
    (and I also bought a new book on herbs 🙂 )


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