Hey I thought I better write about another form of divination! Runes isn’t something I use very often myself as I find it a bit complicated but if you can read them properly they are lots of fun! 🙂
The word Rune itself mean’s secret knowlege and wisdom and originated from germanic tribes is AD, and were also widely used by vikings and was believed to be used by the viking god Odin. The runes themeselves are actually writtain in the old Nordic Language and many of them link to the diffrent viking gods. These runes are called the Elder Futhark.

There are 24 runes in total and are used much like tarot in the way of asking them a question or looking towards the future. While having the question in your mind hold each rune in turn if one feels hot or you get the feeling it’s the right one look at it and it will be your answer.


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