Tasseomancy Tip

As I’ve shared with you, even though I do it so often I find tea leaf reading very difficult. I wouldn’t say it was entirely due to a lack of imagination but something in my head stops me from being able to turn the shapes into pictures, which is something I used to be able to do very easily. Well, I tried something new over the past week and yesterday my reading struck me so fast it could have knocked me off the sofa!!! It was also a very very beautiful picture but I can’t work out what it meant yet.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been doing that’s made such a huge improvement on my ability… are you ready?…


XD something extremely simple can really help. Maybe it’s because I tend to be very affected in positive ways by weather and maybe it’s because I have a connection to the air element that it worked just so quickly! (Maybe it was a fluke reading!) It makes sense that this would help but over a period of weeks, not about four or five days like it did for me! It opens you up to your imagination.

Anyway, here’s how I went about it.

  1. Choose a day with lots of clouds (not clouded over, because all you see then is a great big grey-white sky!)
  2. Pick a few clouds, maybe at random or some that you think look interesting.
  3. Note the kinds of things that immediately come to you.
  4. With clouds you can’t make into a picture, just relax and think of various objects that you use every day that they might look like.
  5. Think of place and countries, maybe some plants from those places.
  6. Think of animals (I usually have something by now because I like to see animals in things)
  7. Think of people with jobs, like a postman or a dancer.
  8. Think of magical creatures.

I’m not saying this will work quickly for everyone but I simply had to share because I know a lot of people who try tea leaf reading who have my problem give up within a week. It’s such a shame. Keep at it! ^.^

Hope that’s helpful to someone, though I do know tasseomancers are rare and those newly learning the trade are rarer! So rare I’ve only ever met one, and that was on the internet!




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