New Cards!!!

Silversun has a new deck and it is an I-ching deck. She is ecstatic with it and as soon as she picked it up it felt warm in her hands. ^.^ I-ching is a Chinese oracle. The first versions of I-ching date back to the first millennium, before the Era of Christianity. It follows Taoist principles. Coins used to be used for the method, and before that Yarrow stems. The symbols are made of unbroken and broken lines, which make trigrams. There are eight trigrams; Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Mountain, Sun-Fire, Wind-Wood, Lake-Mist and Water.

There are sixty-four cards in the deck. Each one is beautifully designed by Luis Royo. The same artist illustrated Silversun’s tarot deck, which is quite a cool coincidence.

Since the deck is not tarot there are no conventional spreads, so for now Silversun has just been reading with one card. They are full of philosophical messages and spiritual guidance. 🙂

Silversun )O(

Rowan x~x


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