Paganism and God :)

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while. As you know we’ve been preoccupied. Silversun with work and me with finding work (it might not sound like a good excuse but living in the countryside and being unable to drive means that to effectively be looking for work I need to stay over someone’s house in town. I’ve barely had time to read any posts, especially without my glasses lol, let alone post any… which is why there’s been quite a streak of videos – they take less time and concentration XD)… (anyhoo, enough excuses).


I read a post on Witchy Rambles this morning and it got me thinking about how growing up with a more secular faith or liberal attitude makes some of us more likely to accept rather than lash out against Christianity, despite our embrace of Paganism. Many people I’ve spoken to, who turned to paganism after growing up with strong and unyielding christian upbringings, hold hatreds for anything close to christianity… to a point it’s quite easy to find articles on the web that are almost like manuals on how to insult a Christian, or how to deconstruct their faith before their eyes…


I grew up in a household where God was barely ever mentioned and went to a school where we preyed three times a day (in the morning, before lunch and for a safe journey home). I was frequently told about the spirits in the woods, faery circles and old Celtic stories – not in a religious context, but in a folk culture context. It wasn’t something we “worshipped” but we were definitely all aware of and open to it.


I’m pagan, not Christian now. But the God of my childhood is still around, because I never even had to turn away to become what I am now. This means that when I consider my pantheon of gods there’s that extra god of mercy. This is why I accept angel magic and I’ve grown out of my aversion to crosses (but not my fear of churches… though it’s not always the churches, just the dead people outside).








First Video Blog

Here’s a link to our first video blog!!! Please watch


Hello to all our followers! Rowan and I would like you guys to take part in a small competition we’d like to hold to help you bring out your creative side!
The rules are in any way (Paint, Drawing, Collage) design and create the Empress Tarot card! We’d then like you to send it to our new email address We will then decide on the winner then we will email for your address and send it to you!
The prizes are:
1st place- The Easy Tarot-Learn to read the cards once and for all, by Josephine Ellershaw, comes with book and Gilded Tarot set.
2nd place- A bag of small assorted crystals
3rd place- A Tree-Free greeting cards

The deadline is the 5th September 2012, when you email please leave your WordPress username and a short description about your Empress Tarot card. At the end of the competition we shall post all pictures on the blog announcing the winners!

I’d also like you all to know that we are starting a video blog on youtube as well, which will run along side this blog. We’ll be talking about various diffrent items and things wicca and pagan and will hopefully record some spells as well. I’ll let you all I know when the first video is up!

Thankyou and GoodLuck!

Silversun )O(
Rowan x~x


Hey guys we’d like you to know about our other member’s Blog, which she has started. It is very good and humerous and ties in nicely with what we talk about. Hope you enjoy!

Silversun )O(
Rowan x~x

Apologies and Thankyous and Healing

Hey guys first my apologies for not having found the time to write a post in a while , Rowan and i have both been busy with coursework and new jobs, with all this going on we have lacked in inspiration, I hope that changes tomorrow though as we will be getting together to discuss the coven and how to get more members, any ideas? Also a big THANKYOU to all the diffrent people who have nominated us for various awards!

If any of you out there are busy at work and such and find yourself with an aching back try out this spell, its worked wonders for me, it’s taken from The Book of Spells and Psychic powers by Soraya

You will need:
An item made of gold
Yellow flowers
Clear quartz

Light the east candle and say: May the element air bless this space with light, love and air, and grant good health
Light the south candle and say: May the element of fire bless this space with light, love and fire, and grant good health
Light the west candle and say: May the element of water bless this space with light, love and water, and grant good health
Light the north candle and say: May the element of earth bless this space with light, love and earth, and grant good health

When you feel ready and filled with light say:

Flesh be healthy, spirit strong,
Dancing feet and joyful song,
Health restored, revitalised,
(Name) recovered before my eyes.
And it harm none so be it.

When you extinguish each element thank them for blessing you with good health

Blessed be