Paganism and God :)

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while. As you know we’ve been preoccupied. Silversun with work and me with finding work (it might not sound like a good excuse but living in the countryside and being unable to drive means that to effectively be looking for work I need to stay over someone’s house in town. I’ve barely had time to read any posts, especially without my glasses lol, let alone post any… which is why there’s been quite a streak of videos – they take less time and concentration XD)… (anyhoo, enough excuses).


I read a post on Witchy Rambles this morning and it got me thinking about how growing up with a more secular faith or liberal attitude makes some of us more likely to accept rather than lash out against Christianity, despite our embrace of Paganism. Many people I’ve spoken to, who turned to paganism after growing up with strong and unyielding christian upbringings, hold hatreds for anything close to christianity… to a point it’s quite easy to find articles on the web that are almost like manuals on how to insult a Christian, or how to deconstruct their faith before their eyes…


I grew up in a household where God was barely ever mentioned and went to a school where we preyed three times a day (in the morning, before lunch and for a safe journey home). I was frequently told about the spirits in the woods, faery circles and old Celtic stories – not in a religious context, but in a folk culture context. It wasn’t something we “worshipped” but we were definitely all aware of and open to it.


I’m pagan, not Christian now. But the God of my childhood is still around, because I never even had to turn away to become what I am now. This means that when I consider my pantheon of gods there’s that extra god of mercy. This is why I accept angel magic and I’ve grown out of my aversion to crosses (but not my fear of churches… though it’s not always the churches, just the dead people outside).








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  1. byronycoffin
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 23:29:39

    Dear Rowan, I know exactly what you mean except prior to becoming a Wiccan or a Witch if you perfer, I was Catholic. Notice the capitalization of the word even thought it is no longer my faith. I still respect them for thinking that they can turn wine into the blood of Christ and the bread inot his Body. It’s magick and I get a little giggle because they use our chalice to do it and they use many magickal things they refuse to give us credit for, I hope you are right because the Morrigan is my Goddess and God is of mercy out there watching over his people and I hope those people love their God as much as I love my Goddess. Brightest Blessings. Byrony


    • The Pagan Pair
      Sep 01, 2012 @ 09:22:28

      Thank you. 🙂 I remember the first time I saw and took part in mass. It was because of where I worked (in a nursing home) and a female priest who’s mother had died in that home would offer it to the residents. There would have to be one of the workers who were present too, to make suree no one needed anything. I loved how much like our rituals in a way it was. The wine was his blood and the bread was his body. And in our rituals the challice is female and the athame is male. I’m not saying we use them the same way, but we’re all into representation and rituals.
      Thank you very much for commenting.


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