Quartz Crystal, simple idea for the witch with constraints

Musings and Daydreams of a Student Witch reminded me that not all of us have the opportunity to practice our craft at home. Not all of us have wide ranges of garden space. Not all of us have shops nearby that sell what we need. And the most common problem of all is not being able to practice at home because of the views of others who live in your household (views that are important to respect).

She reminded me of just how great crystals are for this. With crystals you can attract luck, utilise healing powers, ask for protection et c. without having to burn incense, say incantations, perform rituals et c.

I just thought I’d share one simple way I use crystals to help me. Even though I don’t have many things stopping me practising witchcraft here (with accepting parents, plenty of space, loads of nearby shops and nearby fellow pagans) this is still something that someone with constraints could do.

When I did a Feng Shui blitz of my room I discovered that because my room, which is at the end of a long corridor, was in the firing line for a fast moving, harmful stream of chi. This is because when chi can move in a straight line for a long time, just like water, the ease of movement means whatever’s at the end will be crashed right into, rather than helped by the energy.

What I did then was I put some crystals, white quartz, near the door and directly in the firing line. It is good to have crystals like these near your door anyway, as they can be great cleansers of energy. So, when you enter your room you’re leaving your stresses behind and you can keep your room relatively clear of negative forces. Crystals also look pretty and don’t have any clear religious messages, unlike statues for instance, so it shouldn’t effect others in a negative way that makes them feel like you’re attacking them with your faith.

White/Snow Quartz crystals

Here’s a picture of my quartz. The reason they’re jagged looking and mossy is I found them near my house, in a field so they haven’t travelled far from their original source. The rocks that built our house, a couple of hundred years ago, come from the same valley so the crystals should feel at home around their brothers and sisters. ^.^

An interesting fact about White (or snowy) Quartz is that locally they would be put on the top of stone walls because people wanted to stop the rocks from coming to life and moving around! One of our back garden walls was like this (we’ve recently had to take it down because it was falling apart and a tree had started to grow between the rocks… lots of things about our house are like that, it’s veeery very old).

Quartz in general, particularly clear quartz though, is good for purifying and amplifying energies. Snowy Quartz, in meditation, links you to deep wisdom. In general Snowy Quartz is ideal for those who are learning, be it something you’ve just started or spiritual development, and helps you let go of obstacle and responsibilities (particularly those you place in your own way).

Of course there are plenty of crystals that are good for use around the home to boost positive energies, but here’s just one that I use. ^.^

Other practical solutions to constraints on your craft are things like divining by tea leaf reading (what stops you from having a cup of tea? Even if it’s not the kind people are used to), kitchen witchcraft, window boxes for growing herbs… and many more!

Please add any tips you can think of in comments or write a blog post and link to it in a comment. 🙂 It’ll be great to gather some together!

Blessed Be