Tea leaf reading update

^.^ In my last (I think it was my last) post on tea leaf reading I wrote about a reading I did for the question whether I’d get a job. I doubt my ability to read a lot but here we are none the less. Nope, I didn’t get a job last month, just like I said. But, I also persevered and it paid out (just like I said it would) and at the beginning of this month I had two job interviews and I should be working by the end of this month (paperwork needs to go through).

So, there’s a pleasant little update and a bit of reassurance for me on abilities to read the tea leaves. πŸ™‚




A personal post (yet another about tea leaf reading! XD)

Hello there!

Another dreadful tea post! XD I’ve been living tea lately; did two videos for youtube recently on tea leaf reading (saying pretty much the same thing only one was waaaaay better), but this post is going to be different. The posts on tea leaf reading I’ve done before might not have been very helpful or taught anything very useful (they’re just things you could easily learn without my help and actually my method is just one of many). Anyway, I know tea leaf reading posts can kinda be quite boring because there’s nothing very thought provoking in them and most people don’t use tea leaf reading but I thought I’d do a reading just to share on the blog.

The reason I haven’t done this before is I view my readings as quite personal things. I’ve done a reading for someone and decided not to share the full extent of my prediction with them (because I felt that what I was about to say would be unethical and horrible… even more so than lying to them… it did come true but me telling them wouldn’t have stopped a single thing and would only have made an enemy of me in this case… sorry, that’s just one reason why it’s quite personal) and a lot of my readings are quite personal just because I just feel within myself that I should keep them secret. That is also why, on my video, I might have seemed very rude and dismissive towards others, because I didn’t really want to discuss the reading itself.

However, here I feel accepted and safe to share one of my readings. So, this morning I decided to do a reading so that I could show you guys one and I didn’t really expect it to be this good. I sometimes get ones that tell me absolutely nothing.

This reading, however is not typical of readings; it is usual to have a collection of several (from just two to twenty!) very small, simple images in the cup but today I have one simple image and two very complicated ones.

My question was β€œwhere will I find work?” At the same time, because I was doing this for the blog most of what I was thinking about was the blog – so some things might actually be blog related.


A page in my Book of Shadows

Now the first little symbol I’ll talk about is the hog in there. I looked at it closer and thought it might be a teddy bear, at one point, but my first and strongest instinct was that it was a hog. It might be the Twrch Trwyth, because I’m going to (when I have time) do a little bit about the Mabinogion. Which might mean I’m going to do it within the next few weeks, because that’s about as far as tea leaf predictions extend and it was near the bottom of the cup, but not in it. The bottom of the cup is the future that’s just a little further away. The symbol was also near the handle, which means it was personal. That’s what led me to believe that actually in this case The Twrch Trwyth is a symbol of a small trial or quest, a test of my strength. The symbol’s small and only feels a little significant, so it might be me just overcoming a fear maybe? Maybe learning a life lesson in some way?


The next interesting and significant symbol was the Koi. It was really quite an elaborate image. πŸ™‚ It’s right in the bottom of the cup, meaning it’s about a month to come. The Koi symbolises perseverance in adversity as well as good luck. So this might mean that though it’s hard to find a job right now I’m going to keep trying very hard (which is obvious because I really really need a job) and it might show some good fortune to come. It doesn’t say anything promising about finding a job soon, so I don’t expect that I will this month but maybe next month! πŸ™‚


The most elaborate pattern in the cup was that of what might be some form of shaman(..?). It’s furthest away from the handle, meaning it relates to a person either that I am yet to know or that is distant. It is also about the level in the cup that suggests it will be relevant in perhaps around two weeks. I don’t know if it’s clear the in the pictures to you, but to me it looks like this person’s skirt is a stampede of animals. They’re wearing a crown, have a butterfly wing, have a symbol representing a four legged creature above their head and three dots above that (they just felt like significant dots) and I think this person is female. Butterflies are symbols of transformation. This might be a real person I’m yet to meet, maybe someone distant like someone who reads the blog or perhaps a Spirit Guide who might come into my life slowly.

Either way, before I put the painting in my book of shadows I’m going to stick it in the North West corner of my wall. This corner, in Feng Shui, is a good corner for attracting a new mentor, which is really important for me right now. (We’ve been doing quite a bit of Feng Shui lately and that’s another excuse for why we haven’t been blogging XD We’re writing up some posts and might put it up as a big project!)

Thank you for letting me share this with you guys.

Love and Light



New Cards!!!

Silversun has a new deck and it is an I-ching deck. She is ecstatic with it and as soon as she picked it up it felt warm in her hands. ^.^ I-ching is a Chinese oracle. The first versions of I-ching date back to the first millennium, before the Era of Christianity. It follows Taoist principles. Coins used to be used for the method, and before that Yarrow stems. The symbols are made of unbroken and broken lines, which make trigrams. There are eight trigrams; Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Mountain, Sun-Fire, Wind-Wood, Lake-Mist and Water.

There are sixty-four cards in the deck. Each one is beautifully designed by Luis Royo. The same artist illustrated Silversun’s tarot deck, which is quite a cool coincidence.

Since the deck is not tarot there are no conventional spreads, so for now Silversun has just been reading with one card. They are full of philosophical messages and spiritual guidance. πŸ™‚

Silversun )O(

Rowan x~x

Tasseomancy Tip

As I’ve shared with you, even though I do it so often I find tea leaf reading very difficult. I wouldn’t say it was entirely due to a lack of imagination but something in my head stops me from being able to turn the shapes into pictures, which is something I used to be able to do very easily. Well, I tried something new over the past week and yesterday my reading struck me so fast it could have knocked me off the sofa!!! It was also a very very beautiful picture but I can’t work out what it meant yet.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been doing that’s made such a huge improvement on my ability… are you ready?…


XD something extremely simple can really help. Maybe it’s because I tend to be very affected in positive ways by weather and maybe it’s because I have a connection to the air element that it worked just so quickly! (Maybe it was a fluke reading!) It makes sense that this would help but over a period of weeks, not about four or five days like it did for me! It opens you up to your imagination.

Anyway, here’s how I went about it.

  1. Choose a day with lots of clouds (not clouded over, because all you see then is a great big grey-white sky!)
  2. Pick a few clouds, maybe at random or some that you think look interesting.
  3. Note the kinds of things that immediately come to you.
  4. With clouds you can’t make into a picture, just relax and think of various objects that you use every day that they might look like.
  5. Think of place and countries, maybe some plants from those places.
  6. Think of animals (I usually have something by now because I like to see animals in things)
  7. Think of people with jobs, like a postman or a dancer.
  8. Think of magical creatures.

I’m not saying this will work quickly for everyone but I simply had to share because I know a lot of people who try tea leaf reading who have my problem give up within a week. It’s such a shame. Keep at it! ^.^

Hope that’s helpful to someone, though I do know tasseomancers are rare and those newly learning the trade are rarer! So rare I’ve only ever met one, and that was on the internet!




Hey I thought I better write about another form of divination! Runes isn’t something I use very often myself as I find it a bit complicated but if you can read them properly they are lots of fun! πŸ™‚
The word Rune itself mean’s secret knowlege and wisdom and originated from germanic tribes is AD, and were also widely used by vikings and was believed to be used by the viking god Odin. The runes themeselves are actually writtain in the old Nordic Language and many of them link to the diffrent viking gods.Β These runes are called the Elder Futhark.

There are 24 runes in total and are used much like tarot in the way of asking them a question or looking towards the future. While having the question in your mind hold each rune in turn if one feels hot or you get the feeling it’s the right one look at it and it will be your answer.

Tarot reading of the day

Today when I brought my cards out to do some readings I had a friend ask me to do hers; she’d never had one done before and was a little skeptical but I was glad she wanted one anyway. I did a simple 3 card spread so that nothing was too confusing. The reading said that a dark man would start an argument and effect her life. She found it “scary” as she met a dark man the other night when she went to the cinema. Of course her skeptical side kicked in and she asked me to do it again to prove that the cards were fake and there’s no such thing blah blah blah….so feeling particularly confident with my tarot at the moment I did it again and lo and behold! From a very slightly view the tarot showed that she who has a fiery disposition (which describes her perfectly) would have an argument with a man! I have to admit I was rather smug when I saw her look of shock πŸ™‚ so the lesson for today is?…. Never doubt the cards πŸ™‚

Silversun )o(

Tarot – A form of Divination

Silversuns Tarot

I use The Labyrinth deck designed by Luis Royo, they are a dark deck and should only be used by wiccans who have used tarot before. I guess I should explain how to find your perfect deck first. You can’t simply cruise the internet until you find a deck you like the look of because you have no way of ‘feeling’ the cards, you’re better off going around and finding a shop that sells them. When you do find a shop that has a good selection without even looking at them place your hand on top of each one, pick them up does one seem to fit perfectly in your hand? Give off a strange heat or cold? These are all signs that the deck is calling to you. When you take your deck home be sure to cleanse them first before you use them I find that giving them a sharp tap on a wooden table of tree is best. Keep your deck in a black silk cloth to be sure that they stay cleansed. My Tarot bag

When you do your first spread it’s best to do a 3 card spread this symbolises the past, present and future. When you turn over the first card this tells you what happened in the past. If you’re an advanced reader then you’ll know that there can be multiple diffrent meanings but can usually be summarised, as a beginner stick to summarising it. The second card is what’s happening in the present and third is what’s to come in the future!

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