Black wings (and cats)


When you look at a crow or raven what do you think? Do you see them as an omen or a messenger of death? These beliefs came from many, many years ago when the bodies of the deceased were left in the open to be devoured by the birds. It was believed that by eating the body a part of that person’s soul was taken in by the crow and that they would then fly and transports that person’s spirit to the spirit realm. This culture then brought in the belief that a black bird was an omen for death and that they caused death which is often depicted as black winged angels. I find these beliefs very superstitious. Crows are very spiritual creatures and are one of the only animals able to go in and out of the spirit world as they please; they are also very helpful creatures in the native American belief as they believed that the crows guarded the deceased.

“ Man follows crow,
Crow follows Wolf,
Wolf kills Caribou.”

Another animal that can easily enter the spirit world is none other than your average cat, in the film “Constantine” Cats are described as “half-in half-out”. This is quite true and cats are very spiritual and can often be seen staring at something which we cannot see, perhaps a wondering spirit?




Craft name 2

As mentioned by Rowan earlier each pagan has a craft name, my public name is Silversun; I haven’t decided on what my private name is yet. Silversun is a balanced name as Silver is feminine thing and sun is a male thing however a Silversun overall represents the moon thus being feminine. Making a public name is easier as it doesn’t have to be as personal to you, it could be a type of tree like Rowan’s, a crystal or you could create one like mine for example say your a male, the start of your name should be something male lets say Gold (sorry I couldn’t be more creative), if you want it to be balanced the next part of the name should be Feminine, for example moon, Goldmoon is then your name representing a sun which is male but remaining balanced.

Here are some words to help get you started!

Wind = a feminine communicative force, one of the four elements

Earth = a grounding feminine force, another element

Water = a intuitive, emotive masculine force

Fire = a creative, passionate masculine force

Venus = love, passion, emotion, feminine

Mars = War, Aggression, Male

Saturn = Money, Male

Daisy = innocence, gentleness, purity, feminine

Dandelion = Wishes coming true, masculine

Yarrow = Health and healing, feminine

Oak = Strength and longevity, Masculine

Tree = Life (depends on which tree)

Bear = Strength

Iris = Luck

Owl = Messages and wisdom

Wolf = Family and mystery

Cat = spiritual guardians, psychic abilities

Amethyst = love and affection, feminine

Citrine = happiness, sunshine, masculine

Jade = Luck, fortune, health, feminine

Silversun )o(

Rowan x~x

We’d love here about your craft names! 🙂