In Our Time – The Druids

The Druids – In Our Time

I thought I’d recommend this radio broadcast for any British readers who’re interested in the Druids.

It’s really quite interesting and I love how it illustrates just how debatable history can be, when so many of us hold such a definite, prescriptive view of the subject. That’s probably because when we study history in school we only really study what’s almost certain, rather than what can be debatable. I love this side of history, mostly because of my interest in sociology. What did people really believe? How did people really live? What made things the way they are now?

Besides, In Our Time is an excellent program, isn’t it?





Spirit and Destiny- Review

The spirit and destiny Magazine is pretty cool and has many articles on diffrent aspects on pagan life although it is much better for it’s competitions where you can win Tarot decks and other cool things. It also has a pretty good zodiac for the month and is usually what i read first. It also lists any pagan festivals that should be celebrated or talks by famous pagan, mediums and readers. The last issue i got had a huge section on using different symbols in spells, their meanings and what they do to benefit you. Its quite a colourful magazine but more so aimed at young adults or teenagers, however once you’ve bought one you kinda get addicted to them and end up buying one every month!



A really great review and I was really inspired by the series discussed. It’s too late to watch the series but I think you can still get the information book from the OU. Find my review in ‘the library’ category of our blog.

The Life and Times of a Forever Witch

I finally feel that I can post my review on ‘Divine Women’ as the free booklet that I ordered to accompany the series has just arrived – woohoo!  I ordered it the moment the first of the three-part series finished and have been waiting with anticipation and excitement since then (11th April seemed like such a long time ago!)

First of all, bare in mind that this show isn’t anti-church, anti-religion or anti-men…even though some people will probably regard it that way.  It serves only (in my opinion) to document the sidelining of women in religion, how it came to pass, why, and what we can learn from it.

So…Divine Women…a three-part historical series produced by the BBC and the OU, presented by Bettany Hughes – one of my favourite historians.  It made some really interesting points and I enjoyed much of it.

The three episodes, When God was a…

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Divine Women (Rowan Recommends)

I thought I’d kick off the review section with recommending a documentary series I’ve been watching on i-player, it’s ‘Divine Women’ on BBC 2.

I recommend this series to anyone interested in wicca, the role of females in religion and anyone interested in theology. I’ve found it very interesting. The first episode explored some of the changes in religion as society changed, with relation to the gender of Gods. The second was about priestesshood, which was really fascinating for me. I thought anyone considering being a high priestess or priestess of any coven should take a look at least, as it is interesting just how roles have changed for women.

It doesn’t seem that hard to follow and though most of it is about history the examples of early priestesshood are quite inspiring.

That is all I have to say, really. If it sounds interesting to you then search ‘Divine Women’ into i-player and it should be quite easy to find. 🙂