The dreaded ‘P’ word – Addressing Prejudice

Hello, Rowan here. Just a quick post on prejudice, which I have mentioned a couple of times on the blog.

Prejudice is a pretty delicate subject for all of us, me included. We know it’s out there, but sometimes we don’t want to be associated with those who discuss it as that discussion sometimes turns into prejudice its self (usually towards Christians – which has made me feel very uncomfortable at times). Prejudice also exists within our community – with some pantheons undermining each other and some practitioners defining themselves as “real witches among fluffy bunny pagans”. Some of it is truly cringe worthy!

People who know me well will know I try very hard not to be prejudiced. I may come across however as very prejudiced, because I am very open about my prejudices. For example, I am a devout sexist. I really don’t think men are as capable as women, although I’m trying to address this and try not to allow it to effect my day to day things and especially not my faith! Yesterday I bought and started reading a book that I hope to use to challenge myself, to root out one of my deepest prejudices:

My prejudice against the English.

I have loads of English friends and even Silversun is originally from England. XD I don’t have a problem with the people, it’s just that “England, sweet England” attitude that really ticks me off! I’d find it much easier to tolerate “Saxony, sweet Saxony” (which in my biased view is far more accurate!). I also hate how my country seems to have no international identity separate from that of England. I once read an online fanfiction that stated the main character “came from Wales, a little village in England”. D: So, admittedly some of my hate is misplaced; it’s not England’s fault that some people never got a full education. Though, I do believe that that particular instance, of the fanfiction, that the author was poking fun at the ignorance of some people. You never know, though; some are really that daft.

Well, I’m not only reading the book (“The Book of English Magic”) to learn what it can teach me. It does seem pretty good so far, though! I’m trying to purge my mind of that little voice that tells me English people can’t be patriotic anywhere near me – when I should understand that they have as much of a right to love and celebrate their country as I do! Instead of reading to add to my arsenal of information against other people’s prejudices I am reading to deconstruct my own. 🙂

So, as you can see I have prejudices and I really do hope that no one feels put off or offended by my openness about them. I hope, rather, that this encourages you to shake off the denial surrounding your own prejudices. As Ronnie and I were discussing earlier today, everyone is prejudiced whether they show it obviously or not. You don’t have to be open with others about your prejudices as long as you are addressing them. The biggest thing that can stand in your way, though, is your own denial. If you don’t admit to yourself that you are prejudiced, then you cannot take action!

Anyway, I’m going to try and finish and review this book by the end of the week. I have an exam on Tuesday though, so this is going to take its time. I’m also hoping to finish it so I can lend it to Ronnie as this really does live up to its reviews so far as really quite a good book!

Blessings all