I didn’t know what to come back with today. Some people may have noticed a slow creeping return. I’ve learned recently though that blogging about aspirations for a blog, telling everyone your great goals of re-inventing your writing, does not get the job done. The only way to tackle your first post back is having something to say other than “I’M BACK!!!”


It’s pretty much all I talk about, and it’s quite important to paganism. When you’re developing your craft/path you experiences centre pretty much around sabbats and esbats. They’re your learning exercises in a way because they’re basically the framework of tangible practice. They’re the way you most easily get to test what you know. Seasons are always relevant where I live and with the way I live, as you may have guessed.

It’s hard to imagine a world where seasons are irrelevant. However, they are irrlevant to so many people. Mum and I were talking this morning about an old traditional recipe that has been mutated by the development of a society that doesn’t need it any more.

Cawl is a traditional Welsh dish – THE traditional Welsh dish – which is simply a stew/soup that could contain anything. The idea was that it would go on in the morning and be ready in evening when people came in off the fields. I remember days when we had it boiling on the old Aga for days and just helped ourselves whenever we got hungry. I mentioned new potatoes as a potential ingredient for some people and she told me how she thought it was sad.

New potatoes were a March-April thing when she was young. It meant spring. It was exciting and different. It was a lesser Christmas of its own. Now we indulge in things like new potatoes and strawberries and raspberries at any time of year often at the expense of the environment and the impoverished. It makes these things less special, less exciting.

I think I’d be a hypocrite, if I didn’t get myself closer to the seasons – closer to the Earth – and quick. What I consider sacred and magical centers around these things.

Oh and by the way I’M BACK!!!