About Rowan

Hello, I’m Rowan!


I grew up surrounded by kids in care, which really affected my views on the way we treat other people and on the ways we live our lives. I’ve discovered and rediscovered paganism many times throughout my short little life so far, as my life has flipped up side down on me many an inconvenient moment. I’m a hedgewitch, who works with Silversun and I’m a bit of a Jack of all trades – having explored many avenues, from divination to holistic healing and even to the darker realms of my self. I was originally Christian but found that what I believed didn’t quite fit in the mould, I always thought there was a feminine force and that being close to divinity meant being close to all creation (especially nature as well as the stars!). I’m passionate about people and about animals, and if God ever did create us I always believed that the plan was that we would always safeguard our fellow creatures. I guess that’s why I have … a lot?… of cats. XD

Oh and PS I’m many different kinds of weird. ^.^


Rowan is as she said a Jack of all Trades Master of None but this isnt neccasarily a bad thing, she is a founder of the coven and probably the most valuable. She holds the air candle because she is a person free of mind, She is simply a library full of knowledge and i sometimes wonder wether it should be her that should be the High Priestess! She has helped me many times in perfecting a spell with a tweak or two. Although she says im the mother i think of her as my sister, she has a unique way of seeing things that only the people who know her well enough can even catch a glimpse of 🙂


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