About Silversun

Silversun is a brilliantly energetic amazing and awesome awesome awesome awesome human been! She has a keen intuition around people, on a deep and perhaps even psychic level. Though she may be energetic and has a bright personality, her patience in meditation and her ability to guide others is unsurpassed by any other I’ve met so far. Thanks to her perceptiveness and intuition, and what sometimes just boils down to her good common sense, her advice when performing tarot or oracle cards is brilliant, and even in normal every day issues she’s a damn good person to turn to for advice! 🙂 She strongly suits the Fire element, as a creative and lively force within the coven.

She also has a pet Lizzard! ^.^


Hey guys like Rowan said im the High Priestess of our coven, its my job to make sure everyone is in their right places for each spell and ritual and to make sure everything goes ok! I mainly use tarot with many many diffrent spreads at my arsenal. I will shortly be putting a post up about tarot and how to start it. When Rowan says im perceptive im able to tell a person personality before i meet them (VERY handy i must admit) and occasionaly i can see a persons aura if they are feeling an extreme emotion. I have a lizard as my familiar named Cozmo (again ill be doing a post on this) who is very helpful to me when im trying to relax ready for a spell. Oh yeah im also the holder of the fire candle in our circle when the rest of the coven have decided on their names ill let you know who does what in the coven!


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